Libashsakrith Zustashgostangustosbidok Uthgur - 132 Late Autumn by Zachary

Map Description:

I'm just a mere 7500 in offerings to the Dwarven Caravan away from having the Monarch move into this fortress.

I exported these images and made a backup of this world so that I could attempt to summon the demons a second time. I'm a bit more prepared for them this time. I hope. I'll edit this description with results of my demon summoning as soon as it is done.

I exported all the images that I have done anything to this time, rather than just the images with units or buildings like I did with the last upload.

Added to my big monsters death toll are another Forgotten Beast and a Cyclops.

Added to my list of major attacks was a massive Goblin Siege. The OTHER tab in the Units list (U) had a total of 116. Around 102 of those were listed as INVADER. Every Goblin was on a mount and 8 Jabberers were brought along. By sending my Marksdwarves into the first layer of my defense, the Goblins retreated after losing about 30 units. The 8 Jabberers were the first to die. I got out with only one casualty.... Why a Marksdwarf would run outside his assigned burrow to bash an enemy with his crossbow after he runs out of ammo, I will never know. (See the video attached to this fortress series to see the aftermath of the battle)

DEMON ATTACK (On copy of world)
The attack initially went extremely well for me. One hit from a catapulted stone was enough to kill a wraith, which composed about half of the Demon forces. The entire system was working really well. (Except for the fact that half my Siege Operators decided that they would rather go Sleep and Drink than fire their Catapult/Ballista... )The ones that got through were very quickly eliminated by my Marksdwarves firing on them from their room. However, it all went horribly, horribly wrong when the game's AI caused the Marksdwarves to go and attempt to bash the Demon's heads in with their crossbows instead of going to get more ammo..... (Why must this game's AI be so horrible?) I ended up sending my two melee squads in after I realized that the Marksdwarves were being absolute retards again. They tore through the Demon ranks until there were only about 10 left. 3 of them were web spitting demons and the others were Flame Brutes and Flame Demons. Again, the perfect example of horrifyingly bad AI... the militia refused to attempt to find a route through the smoke and got themselves killed by the fireballs being shot at them, producing the smoke that they would not walk through. Others got caught up in the webs of the Wraith of Salt (I think it was Salt) and remained stuck there until they got fireballed to death as well. The deaths began to cause a tantrum spiral and I abandoned the Fortress rather than watch my tantrumming dwarves be run down by the few remaining Demons.

Point of Interest: Penetration into Magma Caverns (Upgraded)

The drawbridges are now all made out of magma-safe materials. When the lever is pulled, the bridges are pulled up in such a way that the demons will be forced to go a long way around through siege engines.
To the left of the staircase is the minecart that brings stones down from the surface. It is used for Catapult Ammunition. The Ballista Ammunition is carried by hand.
To the left of the minecart tracks is a long winding path. On the z-level above is a small room for Marksdwarves to stand in and fire down into the hallways through Fortifications. I'm hoping the extra z-level will help protect them from fireballs. If they do manage to get too far in, there is one final lever in this area, one which will block off the access to the minecart area from the winding path. That blocks off the final way into the fortress from Hell, making the Demons unable to get through. - zackman0010

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