Breakfastclub the Imprisoned Youth - 41 Late Autumn by Fivegears

Point of Interest: Pigsty Farms and Puppy Mill

( 41 Late Autumn → onwards )

Along with more room for trees to grow, a section of the plot near the surface is used for food growth - in the form of plants and pigs. There's a puppy mill on this level too, to serve as distractions to the various things that want to kill us here. - Fivegears

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-05-17 to 38 Mid Spring

Fivegears what is this **** you're posting like seven crazed DF addicts

Submitted by: Fivegears - 2013-05-20 to 39 Early Spring

I have a problem. (Also, I have a thing for uploading progression of maps).

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