Numbergears the Defective Dwelling - 36 Early Autumn by Fivegears

Point of Interest: Administration Level

( 36 Early Autumn → onwards )

The manager, broker, mayor and bookkeeper share this level, each with corner offices that qualify, in their eyes, as opulent throne rooms. This is likely due to the fact that the bookkeeper, "Storybooks", became a master engraver in the 1st year of Numbergears after the creation of an artifact crown.
The stories in the engravings of the administrator's offices mostly relate to either the founding of Numbergears, or famous murders that took place locally. This imagery keeps the office staff sharp. - Fivegears

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Submitted by: Holocene - 2013-05-14 to 36 Early Spring

I like this design. You should channel the cylinder the fort sits in all the way down to the base of the cliff.

Submitted by: Fivegears - 2013-05-14 to 35 Early Spring

@Holocene - I was thinking about that - it'll be a bit of a pain to dig out some of the wider parts of the cliff, but, long-term, I think it'll look fantastic. I just hope I don't start thinking it's a good idea to dig out PAST the surface.

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