Bloodaxe - 226 Early Spring by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

Year 1-B
Second official update:
More developments have been established, and a bit more planning has been done. Right now, we're dedicated to working on security, but in the process, we found an aquifer higher than usual (pressure's a hell of a thing), and have a good idea of what to do once the magma junction is unplugged.

Point of Interest: 8- South-West Security Checkpoint (Planned)

We've done a basic lockdown of the area, but we have yet to carve it out. Once the rest of the perimeter is setup, this will be the only other access point into our project site.

War Dogs will be set in the alcoves in the intruder gauntlet, just in case any master-thieves decide to make their way through. Just before the exit of the wagon path, we'll have a decoy depot at the ready, just in case we lock anyone out from the fortress. As added precaution, We'll have a drop-pit set -25z to ensure anything and everything dropped down will be absolutely dead, just in case they take more than what our traps can deliver. - Itnetlolor

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-04-08 to 225 Early Autumn

Oh cool you found an actual lava pipe.

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