Bloodaxe - 226 Early Spring by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

Year 1-B
Second official update:
More developments have been established, and a bit more planning has been done. Right now, we're dedicated to working on security, but in the process, we found an aquifer higher than usual (pressure's a hell of a thing), and have a good idea of what to do once the magma junction is unplugged.

Point of Interest: 6- Planned Obsidian Farm

Based this off the Wiki's blueprints:

Magma comes from below, via Junction-M-S from above.

Access and empty is present level, and the water drop is from above. This design exploits the nearby aquifer to fill and empty water. I added de-pressurization for both the water (falls back into the aquifer after de-pressure) and the magma, as a safety measure, just in case magma pressures from the fall. The nearby room attached to where the pump would lie will contain the obsidian that would be farmed. Naturally, the magma will be contained by magma-proof systems.

For soldier training, or anti-laziness (and secondary safety), I will have the water pumps be manually operated by a team of 2 dwarves. - Itnetlolor

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-04-08 to 225 Early Autumn

Oh cool you found an actual lava pipe.

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