Bloodaxe - 225 Early Spring by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

We're finally started on this glorious map. Yes, we're building another airship. But think of it this way, I'm doing with this project, what I wish I could have done with the Bloodfist, and... What do we have here? Is that the Bloodfist dropping off our embark party? Looks like Lucca is giving Balthier another chance, and lending him the very info-crystal needed to deliver all these updates via maps and posts. Stay tuned for more.

(And yes, it took a crap-ton of work to get this all done, but it's damn worth it to see the ship as it's designed to work.)


And now back to our regularly scheduled update.

My good friend Lucca. Err-- Pirate-Queen Lucca:

As you were lending me the Infocrystal to update you on our reports later on, I seem to have accidentally *flashed* the region into it's memory chamber in that instant, so I may have gotten the Bloodfist in the image, along with the crew and our family as you were dropping us off, and giving me orders and the plans. Sorry about that, but it does make for an interesting scene, and a good lasting memory for us all to reflect on later down the line, before we ravage this land like the last place. Let us bask in it's glory before it is stripped bare, and probably torn asunder, if we were to repeat history, that is.

I suppose, as there's not much else to report on this crystal, I guess I can use this opportunity to point out my comments to your completion of our ship. I mean, why not?

Point of Interest: 7- Military Gathering

I suppose, as a contingency plan, in case we repeat history, and lose our project, like the many times beforehand (read the data logs in the ship); you're training a legion of troops and having the commander give them a good rundown of how to tackle things, just in case the worst happens?

Good idea; because the legion I worked with was just a conscripted force. Give these guys all the time you need. I'll try not to fail horribly, as to have you lose more lives to another airship. Our casualties for the Bloodfist are grim enough with 350+. I don't want that weight on my soul again.

Godspeed, Lucca. - Itnetlolor

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-04-08 to 225 Early Autumn

Oh cool you found an actual lava pipe.

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