Agel-Morul - 597 Late Autumn by Martin

Map Description:

Sanctuary: Preserving Dwarven Knowledge

Point of Interest: Powerplant/Latching Plates

The powerplant exploits the bug which keeps water flowing off the map as still flowing even after it's blocked. Once complete, it'll produce 25,000 power. To the top-right is the water tower that needs to be dug down to level 2 which is fed by the river.

To the right are the latching pressure plates. Originally planned to use railcars (above, and dismantled) they were replaced with the standard water system. Water is held on the top hatch cover until a migrant steps on the pressure plate in the holding area, dropping the water onto the bottom plate which holds open the hatch cover, blocking pathing. A lever activates the pump and resets the system. The layout of the latches corresponds to the layout of the holding area. - martin

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Submitted by: SkulkingFilth - 2012-11-06 to 597 Late Autumn

This is madness !

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