Agel-Morul - 597 Late Autumn by Martin

Map Description:

Sanctuary: Preserving Dwarven Knowledge

Point of Interest: General Bunker Layout

Each bunker is normally 3 stories. One level is living quarters and contains food/booze storage, dining table, 5 bedrooms, and access to a well and a refuse chute which will have magma at the bottom. Another level is the work level and connects to the rail system. The 3rd level is storage, the tomb for family members, and a craft workshop and materials to handle moods. This level also has access to the maintenance tunnels so residents can enter and means to retrieve anything that might fall through rail pits. All bunkers are exceptional/masterfully engraved, and have exceptional/masterful furniture. This should go a long way to keeping everyone happy.

There are 4 rail lines:
1) food/booze/clothing/soap that reaches every bunker (part of outer pair)
2) trade that reaches every bunker (part of outer pair)
3) 2x production goods (part of inner pair)

The production lines ferry raw materials from bunker to bunker. The butcher shop will produce meat, hides, and bones which will be picked up by the cook, tanner, and bonecrafter.

Some bunkers have dedicated production lines to take load off of the main lines, such as from the weaver to the dyer to the clothesmaker. These goods generally don't flow along any other production chain, so this simplifies the setup.

Each rail stop is has a pressure plate/door combination on approach and exit to keep dwarves from wandering on the tracks, and to block line of sight to other dwarves. A pit is also placed between bunkers to prevent any pathing at all. The cart will easily jump the pit. Two stops at each bunker on each line - the first for drop-off of goods and the second for pickup. - martin

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Submitted by: SkulkingFilth - 2012-11-06 to 597 Late Autumn

This is madness !

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