Fissureurns - 256 Late Winter by Phil

Map Description:

The Fortress at the end of its 12th year, not much more to do i guess..

Point of Interest: Mist Generator

- Phil

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Submitted by: Revax - 2012-03-05 to 252 Late Spring

Nice map! Did you choose a vampire to be your bookkeeper?

Submitted by: okflo - 2012-03-06 to 252 Late Spring

btw - what tileset are you using?

Submitted by: Phil - 2012-03-07 to 253 Late Autumn

Yes the vamp in the prison are is my bookkeeper, i killed the other 4(?) vamps i got so far.

Im using Phoebus!

Submitted by: Xar - 2012-03-08 to 253 Late Autumn

I love your map-- I wish you would take the time to do a few more points of interest. With a fort this visually interesting it's nice to get a builder's perspective on it.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2012-03-08 to 253 Late Autumn

Very colourful, I like the layout of the guard house above the crossroads.

Submitted by: M pants - 2012-03-08 to 252 Late Spring

This is amazing looking! good job

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