Firegear - 1051 Early Spring by Markavian

Map Description:

After much searching, in a world that I thought was the same as my last (but turned out to be radically different), is the starting place for my new fort. Two magma funnels exist somewhere beneath the surface of this coastline, and the ocean spans out far to the south. What plans will be set in motion, the dwarves look to their leader for guidance...

Point of Interest: Starting Wagon

After trawling along the beach for several miles, the dwarves finally found the spot marked by the prospectors as the most appropriate place for the fort. Plans are afoot, but first an outpost must be constructed to protect the goods and prepare for worker-migrants to arrive. - Markavian

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Submitted by: Chayfox - 2008-01-15 to 1051 Late Summer

I love the way you just move in and merge fortress and landscape so fluidly. This is such a unique layout for a fortress; I'm always building stuffy little square ones, so you have my applause and admiration for taking on something so unique.

On a side note, what is the tileset you're using for this? I don't think I've seen it before.

Submitted by: Jackard - 2008-01-16 to 1051 Late Summer

Bedroom layout is stylish.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-18 to 1052 Early Spring

Hey Chayfox, the tileset is my own, available off my user page on the wiki or from the graphic tilesets page with a revised version of Sphr's object graphics for 12x12.

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Submitted by: Lacero - 2008-01-19 to 1052 Late Spring

Ambitious! I love it :)

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