Deeplabored - 111 Mid Summer by grimmr

Map Description:

11th year of Deeplabored.

Point of Interest: Monom's Madness

( 111 Mid Summer → onwards )

In 110, Monom, one of the original miners, began to utter strange things as he was removing an access ramp over the chasm; claiming he needed to store things he couldn't see or find. His cries became so incessant that the decision was made to send him into isolation. However, he not only was he one of the founders; he had carved out much of the fortress himself. The other dwarves took pity on the miner, rather than leaving him to die, he was given a supply of drink and a small farming plot to sustain himself, in a spire overlooking the grand work he had helped create.

(This is a cure' to the store item inaccessible bug; if the dwarf has no means of pathing to where he thinks the item is, he'll stop spamming. I suppose a burrow might work, but I thought doing it this way was pretty neat)

As of 135, Monom is dead, survived by his wife and four children. The current mayor is using his old quarters now.

- grimmr

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Submitted by: Brewster - 2012-02-24 to 108 Early Spring

How do you only have a population of 30? I can get waves of 30 sometimes...

Submitted by: lacer-forgot-his-password - 2012-02-25 to 108 Early Spring

I love circles. Nice fort.

Brewster, he says in the post that he turned off migrants.

Submitted by: Warrior - 2012-02-25 to 108 Early Spring

This fort is very nice! The vault idea is a very good idea too. I'm going to do it in my fortress to ensure artifacts are there for my adventurer ^^

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