Deeplabored - 108 Early Spring by grimmr

Map Description:

Deeplabored is the spiritual successor of my short-lived 34.01 fortress, using many of the same architectural motifs. I turned nasty things like invasions and migrants off while I was doing the channeling work around the central pillar, which took a few years. It's year 8 since it's founding, a barony with about 1.5 million in wealth and a population of 30.

Point of Interest: Fortress Heart

( 108 Early Spring → onwards )

Spiral ramp which ties together the various parts of the fortress. The bridges stretching out over the chasm each lead to a specialized industrial quarter; Food, Construction (Carpentry, Masonry, Mechanics), and Trade Goods (Cloth, Crafts, Dyes, Jewels). - grimmr

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Submitted by: Brewster - 2012-02-24 to 108 Early Spring

How do you only have a population of 30? I can get waves of 30 sometimes...

Submitted by: lacer-forgot-his-password - 2012-02-25 to 108 Early Spring

I love circles. Nice fort.

Brewster, he says in the post that he turned off migrants.

Submitted by: Warrior - 2012-02-25 to 108 Early Spring

This fort is very nice! The vault idea is a very good idea too. I'm going to do it in my fortress to ensure artifacts are there for my adventurer ^^

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