Flamespear - 1061 Late Autumn by SL

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Butcher's log, late autumn 1061. Butchering continues. We have gone from 341 animals down to only 409 in the last year. We expect to be done culling all the animals we don't need by 1055.

Mayor's log, late autumn 1061. I keep mandating the construction of more lead items, but some idiot smelters keep melting them down after they're forged! At least I've got my lead throne...

Hammerer's log, late autumn 1061. Ordinarily I'd leave this to the captain of the guard, but ... I haven't been able to find him. That said, I've been looking for YEARS. I should speak with the mayor about that. Where was I? Oh yes. We found the elven diplomat's corpse and severed head, among other body parts, lying on the ground near the "waste management" area. There was no sign of a struggle, and no obvious clue as to what had killed him, other than the stone floor. Perhaps he was attempting to take flying lessons.

Duke's log, late autumn 1061. Judging by the fact that the hammerer hasn't shown up to whack me 50 times with his hammer yet, nobody's figured out how I killed the elven bastard. It was quite clever, if I do say so myself. There were several constructed floors that needed removing in the substructure under the Hand of Armok's new sections... I volunteered to remove one, and managed to convince the diplomat to stand on one while I removed it. He never saw it coming. Of course, I made sure to wait until he had ended last year's agreement, and had yet to begin negotiating the next one, before getting rid of him... The wood-cutters are now free to chop down as much wood as they want!

* Editor's Note: Yes, a dwarf actually killed the elven diplomat somehow without me ordering it, without me noticing it (until I found the corpse), and without racking up a murder count. This is the most logical explanation I could figure - He would have been following the duke around (assuming it wasn't the mayor he talks to, I don't pay much attention to the fool diplomats), and I've seen nobles removing floors before.

Point of Interest: Hand of Armok

( 1061 Late Autumn → onwards )

The solid 6x8 block of grey, brown, and green hatches on the left is the first, prototype, section of the Hand of Armok. In the last goblin invasion, it killed 44 goblins (and no dwarves and pets). However, it had some flaws which have been corrected for the design of the three new sections.

Chief among them is that there was a safe walkable path in all but the first column - you can't see it here, since we built hatches over it, but a few of the goblins were using it to get across (they got nabbed by cage traps, though). Additionally, in the new sections, all the tiles which lack hatches are solid support tiles, and we have the minimum amount necessary, spaced apart in an optimal fashion, to ensure that there is no safe path across the new sections.

The sections with the alternating grey/black and white hatches, with the black and/or vomit tiles interspersed among them, are the new sections. Each is a 6x8 area with an additional two 1x6 areas between the three new sections. - SL

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-29 to 1057 Early Winter

Didn't fancy building a refuse stockpile with a ventilation shaft? The door controlled one you've got looks a bit fiddly.

What are you building which is 15 floors high, next to the hand of armok?

Submitted by: SL - 2008-01-01 to 1057 Early Winter

If you mean the other three 6x8 areas, those are extensions to the Hand of Armok.

If you mean the 5x1 shaft, that's for sacrificing goblins, animals, etc.

Submitted by: Krash - 2008-01-11 to 1061 Late Autumn

An animal problem? You werent kidding!

Don't they affect your framerate?

Submitted by: SL - 2008-01-11 to 1061 Late Autumn

Quite probably. I've been butchering them nonstop, but I think I'm going to have to designate something like 8 dedicated butcher/tanners and 8 butcher's workshops to actually get rid of them all.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-12 to 1061 Late Autumn

Rule 1 of killing, never tell a living soul... the hammerer need only read your logs to reveal the truth and deliver punishment!

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