Ironhelm - 314 Mid Winter by Stromko

Map Description:

I'm uploading this as it represents my current state of the art in fortress design. It is built for function first and aesthetics second, but I've gone to every effort to make it look purdy anyway.

I'm working on a couple more forts and ideas that will build off of this one, but Ironhelm is the only 'finished' fortress I have right now.

Point of Interest: Storage and other additional spaces

The most notable feature of this level is that the different parts of it aren't connected. They may only be accessed from the corresponding area of the main fortress level via stairs, and all of those stairs may be locked away by doors.

To the south we have wood furnaces, which are located directly beneath the metal industries above. I don't want them burning precious bituminous coal without need, so by not bringing charcoal to stockpiles I give my metalsmiths and etc first access to charcoal as fuel.

In each corner we have additional living quarters.

To the north, my luxury prisons. Prepared meals and drink are available 24x7 on-demand to prospective prisoners, who are shackled with well crafted golden chains with good beds, thrones, and dining tables. Should they somehow go nuts regardless, I can always bar the doors and bring my military down to deal with them. - Stromko

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Submitted by: Stromko - 2012-01-06 to 314 Mid Winter

Note that I have left out a lot of fortress levels. There's upper fortifications on the surface, and a lot of subterranean levels between the surface (which is right above the underground forest), and the rest of my fort which is solidly down in the rock layer.

You'll probably also notice I'm not one of those players that worry about a little bit of clutter. I leave rock laying where it's excavated until it's used or until I need to move something onto its space. Only exception is some of my stockpiles where space and visibility is important.

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