Amused Pillars - 1052 Late Summer by Jurph

Map Description:

Amused Pillars demonstrates my cylindrical fortress design. Each floor is a 15-tile diameter circle with up to 4 workshops; the intervening space is used for stockpiles that carry useful inputs and outputs. The central 3x3 stairwell provides excellent throughput for dwarves and really helps to shorten overall travel distance -- just about everything is under 7 tiles from the stairwell, so the distance between any two jobs is likely to be not more than the z-level distance plus 15.

For example, a millable plant gets taken from the farm to the stockpile one floor up (10 tiles total distance), then gets queued up for milling and taken to the mill (6 tiles) where it is stored in a bag (1 tile away). The milled plant is hauled 40 tiles downstairs, but that's because the silk loom and clothier are right near the caverns, where individual pieces of silk are already hauled 100 tiles or more... rather than add 40 tiles to each hauling job, I haul dye down to the silk in bulk and then bring bins of dyed cloth back up to the depot.


Point of Interest: Entrance Bunker

( 1052 Late Summer → onwards )

I cut a zig-zag trench into the soil, gradually angling it deeper and deeper. When the invaders round the bend, my marksdwarves are arrayed three stories high in a bunker overlooking the killing fields. Note that there is plenty of room to add a magma sprayer and/or magma drainage. - Jurph

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Submitted by: Lacero-forgot-his-password - 2011-09-03 to 1052 Late Summer

I like the entrance, and the circles.
Did you consider using a reverse battlement design, so you shoot the goblins in the back and fewer of them can fire at you at once?
But your fort is very impressive either way.

Submitted by: Urist McDiggyHole - 2011-09-07 to 1052 Late Summer

Wow, this is really nice- im going to have a shot at it next time im starting a Volcano Fortress.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-09-10 to 1052 Late Summer

Looks very organised... has anyone fallen down the central stairwell yet?

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