Firethrone - 209 Mid Autumn by erdtirdmans

Map Description:

The final version of Firethrone. Is it done? Nope. Missing the courtyard glass ceilings, magma workshops, and the center column waterfall-mist features. Unfortunately, the magma wouldn't flow fast enough and I gave up.

Point of Interest: Bridge trap

If I panicked, this area would have been a huge retractable bridge. Retract, and drop all the enemies into the chamber below which at the flick of a lever could be filled with moat water almost instantly. With another lever, the water wheels above would power screw pumps to drain the moat back out.

If I really panicked, I could simply retract the bridge below this as well, dropping enemies four floors down into lava. This latter switch was also how I would make obsidian at will. - erdtirdmans

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-11-09 to 205 Late Autumn

Looking good.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2009-11-10 to 203 Mid Winter

I want to see this when it's done

Submitted by: erdtirdmans - 2009-11-27 to 205 Late Autumn

The slow crawl of magma flow and a tantrum spiral have severely delayed things, but i'll be sure to post an updated map when it's ready.

(over 200 coffins at the moment... i officially have more dead dwarves than live ones!)

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