Praisegems - 1104 Early Winter by cephalo

Map Description:

Island fortress floating in magma.

Point of Interest: The survival of Rovod Sabrechained the Noble Phrase of Crypts

This is the hospital. It is well equipped to deal with most kinds of mass emergencies.

The most famous patient of this hospital is the dwarf who has received a remarkable number of successful procedures, and in one case was almost fully re-assembled by the medical team.

Rovod Sabrechained is an axedwarf of the legendary Mansions of Sanctuary axedwarf squad. Early in his career a goblin fired a copper bolt that by some chance penetrated his steel helm and fractured his skull. The doctors repaired the damage, but thereafter Rovod had difficulty learning things. His skill with an axe lagged behind his squadmates from then onward, but his genuine, guileless character made him well liked.

The next mishap that Rovod suffered came when the first of the bronze colossi came to Praisegems. In those days the area in front of the main bridge was open to the magma chasm. Rovod was the first to approach the colossus. Rovod was able to dodge the furious attacks but was pushed back, slowly getting nearer to the chasm behind him. Before his squadmates could take the creature down, they all gasped as their friend stepped off the edge and presumably into the magma below.

It so happened that the place where Rovod fell was above the bridge leading from the mercantile district to the town square! However, as the fall was a very long six stories, nearly every bone in Rovods body was broken and smashed. The medical team worked for many seasons to put him back together, and many more seasons he had to wait in traction, but he survived to fight again!

Now after several more less serious injuries, Rovod's axe skill after 30 years are approaching grand master level and he has 27 notable kills. Far less than his squadmates, but quite respectable under the circumstances. Reports are that he even has a girlfriend now. - cephalo

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2011-07-13 to 1104 Early Winter

where did you find soo much purple? is it rose gold? bismuth? or did you mod in your own custom purple resourse?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-13 to 1104 Early Winter

It's imported rutile and pitchblend accumulated over 50 years or so. The statues are rose gold.

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-07-15 to 1104 Early Winter

really nicely done, and awesome story. would love to see some visualizer images.

Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-07-17 to 1104 Early Winter

I'm in awe, such an amazing structure.
How many dorfyears did it take to make?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-17 to 1104 Early Winter

It started in the year 1050, and the current year is 1104.

Submitted by: FRAndreev - 2011-07-24 to 1104 Early Winter

Loving the hydraulics!

Submitted by: Savolainen5 - 2011-07-26 to 1104 Early Winter

Did you find this embark and then over 54 years mold it to how you wanted it, or did you use a program of some sort? I'm in awe either way!

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-27 to 1104 Early Winter

This was all made with dwarven labor, but I did cheat a bit with DFHacks dfautodump to get rid of stone and several truckloads of goblin refuse. I'm not sure I would have gotten this far without DFHack, I'm sure my framerate would have ground to a halt.

Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2011-07-31 to 1104 Early Winter

Wait, I see an underground river, I thought those no longer existed in 31.25....

Oh wait nevermind man-made underground river

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-08-01 to 1104 Early Winter

Man-m... Bah!

Submitted by: Bluewins - 2011-08-06 to 1104 Early Winter

Wow, your housing area is absolutely stunning I'm so going to use it as inspiration for my next fort

Submitted by: RAndy - 2011-08-31 to 1104 Early Winter

So forgive me because I'm still a newb. (1 month so far).

But how do the water wheels and screw pumps work.. I guess they drive the shafts that pumped the lava up from the depths right?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-08-31 to 1104 Early Winter

Those are typical dwarven reactors strung together to pump the magma from the magma sea. They are just sitting at this time, as all those pumps tend to slow the framerate and the magma basin is now full.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2012-02-09 to 1104 Early Winter

I like, very cool. It feels like a proper Dwarfven Homestead ... dare I say, Fortress.

Walking across the plains down the valley towards the smokey vent of the volcano, standing in the midst of the heat cloud a great pillared chamber looms its on-lookers.

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