Praisegems - 1104 Early Winter by cephalo

Map Description:

Island fortress floating in magma.

Point of Interest: The Story of Queen Goden Raremirrors the Braided Relief

This bridge pictured here spans an underground cavern and leads to the burial places deep underground. Once known as ‘The Span of Horrors’, the following story will reveal how it became to be known as the “The Span of Victory”.

In the year 1050, Goden Raremirrors was selected as queen of The Violent Ceiling in the traditional manner of drawing lots. Though the monarchy was officially an inherited office, such a succession had never taken place, for the dwarves of the Violent Ceiling were a cursed people who had previously known only defeat and extreme poverty. Over the thousand years of their existence, The Violent Ceiling could count nearly a thousand different kings and queens, some dying at the hands of invaders, but most through starvation, none of them leaving a surviving heir to the throne.

The founding of Praisegems, also in the year 1050, was the event that finally broke this cursed cycle. The new queen was hidden away at an unknown location for 43 years while the dwarves built the new fortress that would change their fortunes. At the site of the new fortress, the dwarves discovered riches beyond anything they could imagine and created wondrous artifacts from the rarest gems and precious metals. When the new defenses were tested against numerous invaders and deemed worthy to serve as the new mountainhome, the queen was brought out of hiding to take her place on the throne.

During her time in seclusion, the queen had taken an interest in military affairs, chasing the dream of reversing her people’s legacy of defeat. Soon after her arrival she took command of a squad of axedwarves and began her training and also taking a direct hand in the defense of the fort. She immediately gained the respect of her subjects by leading from the front, landing the killing blow against forgotten beasts on two different occasions along with various goblin rabble during separate invasions.

The bridge leading to the tombs was designed to be inaccessible to the cavern dwellers and thus provide safe passage to those paying respects to the dead. For some unknown reason, attracted to perhaps due to the wealth of Praisegems or by the noise of its activities echoing through the caverns, unimaginable horrors began to accumulate over the years in the caverns below the fort. More and more frequently one or two of these forgotten beasts would come below the bridge and menace any dwarves seeking passage, often trapping large numbers of dwarves in the burial gardens through their fear of these beasts. To the queen, these frequent disruptions represented a shameful nuisance.

She prepared herself for battle and ordered the miners to delve into the caverns from a place outside the gates of the fort. When they hesitated for fear of loosing these horrors upon the world she spoke these words:

“Nåst Lirukïngiz mïkstal tholoram, Lirukïngiz ud mïkstal ágoram!”

“I will show you that the Violent Ceiling owns the deep world, and how it will soon own the world above!”

The miners knocked down the last wall, and the queen entered the cavern alone. Beyond her mediocre skills with axe and shield, she was also aided in this battle by two magical artifacts; the adamantine battle axe Thazor Lûk and the adamantine shield Ertalzethruk. The images on these artifacts depicted various defeats in the history of the Violent Ceiling as indeed one could recall little else to record. Nonetheless, these arms were of a quality never seen, and it could be said that Goden Raremirrors carried all of the power of her ancestors into battle that day.

Soon after the queen disappeared into the darkness, terrible roars and thundering footsteps shook the earth. For four days and nights the sounds of a ferocious battle echoed throughout the entire mountain. The longer the fury continued, the dwarves were moved from a state of mourning their queen to one of hope beyond hope. How could she endure for four days among those beasts? When the din subsided and the queen emerged from the darkness, the dwarves counted no less than eleven enormous forgotten beasts dead at base of the tunnel!

After the battle the queen has retired somewhat from military duties. She took a husband and produced two heirs for the Violent Ceiling. Everyone is full of hope that they may yet see a proper succession of royal authority. Whatever the outcome, she gave the dwarves a gift that could have hardly been imagined, a victory for the ages!
- cephalo

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2011-07-13 to 1104 Early Winter

where did you find soo much purple? is it rose gold? bismuth? or did you mod in your own custom purple resourse?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-13 to 1104 Early Winter

It's imported rutile and pitchblend accumulated over 50 years or so. The statues are rose gold.

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-07-15 to 1104 Early Winter

really nicely done, and awesome story. would love to see some visualizer images.

Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-07-17 to 1104 Early Winter

I'm in awe, such an amazing structure.
How many dorfyears did it take to make?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-17 to 1104 Early Winter

It started in the year 1050, and the current year is 1104.

Submitted by: FRAndreev - 2011-07-24 to 1104 Early Winter

Loving the hydraulics!

Submitted by: Savolainen5 - 2011-07-26 to 1104 Early Winter

Did you find this embark and then over 54 years mold it to how you wanted it, or did you use a program of some sort? I'm in awe either way!

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-07-27 to 1104 Early Winter

This was all made with dwarven labor, but I did cheat a bit with DFHacks dfautodump to get rid of stone and several truckloads of goblin refuse. I'm not sure I would have gotten this far without DFHack, I'm sure my framerate would have ground to a halt.

Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2011-07-31 to 1104 Early Winter

Wait, I see an underground river, I thought those no longer existed in 31.25....

Oh wait nevermind man-made underground river

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-08-01 to 1104 Early Winter

Man-m... Bah!

Submitted by: Bluewins - 2011-08-06 to 1104 Early Winter

Wow, your housing area is absolutely stunning I'm so going to use it as inspiration for my next fort

Submitted by: RAndy - 2011-08-31 to 1104 Early Winter

So forgive me because I'm still a newb. (1 month so far).

But how do the water wheels and screw pumps work.. I guess they drive the shafts that pumped the lava up from the depths right?

Submitted by: cephalo - 2011-08-31 to 1104 Early Winter

Those are typical dwarven reactors strung together to pump the magma from the magma sea. They are just sitting at this time, as all those pumps tend to slow the framerate and the magma basin is now full.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2012-02-09 to 1104 Early Winter

I like, very cool. It feels like a proper Dwarfven Homestead ... dare I say, Fortress.

Walking across the plains down the valley towards the smokey vent of the volcano, standing in the midst of the heat cloud a great pillared chamber looms its on-lookers.

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