Mudposts - 338 Mid Spring by _nil_

Map Description:

Strike the sky!

The King arrives to claim his throne. Population is 359.

Point of Interest: Throne platform

- _nil_

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Submitted by: Darion - 2011-05-07 to 318 Mid Autumn

What a dwarven building!
How many time have it taken so far?

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-05-26 to 328 Late Spring

Game time? About 26 years. Real time...? I'd rather not think about it!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2011-05-27 to 328 Late Spring


Mudposts? More like mudopolis

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Submitted by: Darion - 2011-05-28 to 328 Late Spring

Do you plan making big water/lava falls?

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-05-28 to 328 Late Spring

Well, there are hatches semi-strategically placed throughout the lava and water systems to use against invaders... beyond that, not necessarily. I'm trying to get as high a population as possible while keeping FPS managable so I've tried to avoid permanent flows. The next projects on the docket is a lavish new tower for the (as of yet unarrived) king and a well timed string of retracting bridges to provide a quick, safe, one-trip to the ground for melee troops.

Submitted by: _nil_ - 2011-07-02 to 338 Mid Spring

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