Towersoared - 321 Late Winter by Battlecat

Map Description:

Towersoared is a fortress with grand plans for 3D visualization. More can be found in the story thread here.

The military Tower was the big project of 321. While it's not done yet, it' is functional with enough barracks space for all the primary squads now, along with two swimming pools.

Point of Interest: Military Tower - Main Barracks

( 321 Late Winter → onwards )

This is the main barracks area of the fortress. The three primary melee squads train on this level and the marksdwarves train on the level above. The three rooms are assigned as follows:

West Room: Derm the Soulchopper's Squad
South Room: Rifotangir's Squad
East Room: Catten Umbafol's Squad - Battlecat

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Submitted by: kerzykerz - 2010-07-24 to 304 Late Winter

nice fort battlecat, two questions what tile-set do you use, its very similar to the mayday one but i see some differences its pretty cool, and second whats the giant pit outside your fort for or going to be used for in the future

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2010-07-26 to 304 Late Winter

Actually the tileset is maday as far as I know. I'm using his more complete one, without the background fill. There have been a few glitches in recent updates though, so a couple of things don't look the same as I remember. I'm considering changing to a different tileset at some point in the future.

The giant pit out front is going to be a dining hall that I've designed specifically for 3D visualization. The pit will be about 18 floors deep by the time it's done and will have all the bedrooms overlooking it through windows.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-08-01 to 305 Late Winter

A nice, colorful place. :)

Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-09-15 to 308 Late Winter

Oh wow, epic double helix, nice work with that entrance.
Good details in the fort as well, a whole pyramid for a caged creature... :D

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2010-09-16 to 310 Late Winter

@Markavian: Thanks very much! There's still a lot planned for this place.

Actually there's a flying Nightwing chained in the pyramid as well. It tends to stay 1 Z-level above the floor though.

Submitted by: Zavior - 2011-03-07 to 314 Late Winter

Would be awesome to see some stonesense screenshots of this fortress!

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2011-03-20 to 315 Late Winter

@Zavior: I'm overdue to post some in my story thread in the main forums. I'll do that when the next game version and stonesense versions are both out.

Submitted by: Noir - 2011-05-31 to 320 Late Winter

You sir, are stark raving mad. This is wonderful.

Submitted by: LazyLoneLion - 2011-06-29 to 320 Late Winter

It is unbelievable epic project! %)
And -- yes, you are crazy hatter! :)

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2011-06-30 to 320 Late Winter

@Noir, LazyLoneLion: Thanks kindly, I am indeed a bit mad! Glad to have that confirmed. :-)

Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-06-30 to 316 Late Winter

Very grand and dwarfy

Submitted by: jaylo - 2011-07-01 to 321 Late Winter

hello I would love to have your saves for this because as you said it had grand plans for 3D visualization and I would like to use stonesense to look at it :)

Submitted by: ajar - 2011-07-04 to 321 Late Winter

A fortress to the epic proportions.

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2011-08-26 to 322 Late Winter

@Jelle: Thanks!

@Jaylo: It's a bit out of date but there is a copy of the Towersoared from 318 available at the file depot.

@ajar: Thanks!

Submitted by: Bret - 2011-10-29 to 323 Late Winter

Goddamn gorgeous. Do you ever have problems with your dwarves needing to drink/eat/sleep before they can even get started with a task though?

Submitted by: Battlecat - 2012-03-06 to 323 Late Winter

@Bret: Thanks kindly! Not as much as you might think. While the place looks inefficient, there are a number of back access corridors that are quite direct.

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