Steppecastles - 1062 Mid Spring by Lightning4

Map Description:

All goes smoothly at Mountainhome Steppecastles. Almost boring, actually. A hydra showed up, and promptly got turned to chunks by the human caravan. It will now be permenantly remembered, as it's hide went into the production of the most recent artifact. Last winter the goblins also worked up the nerve to "attack" the mountainhome. It was messy... for them. One of their three squads got utterly annihilated, the other two chickened out once they saw the corpses.
After some arduous labor, the queen and king consort's rooms are up to their royal standards.
Some more bold plans in progress, such as a ranch where all of the fortress animals will be held, and a successful adamantine expedition.

Point of Interest: Aluminum Level - 1

Dining room and kitchen halls. The statue garden balcony is sort of there, but could use more statues and maybe some bars. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: thatguyyaknow - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

Looking good so far, if you want to avoid dwarves drowning set all the pools as restricted traffic areas, then they'll go around.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

That's a cool layout, I like the diamon rooms, its a pitty you didn't put an arched ceiling on the floor above as well, but maybe thats a waste of space. I like the spacing between the different areas, the lightshaft idea is good as well.

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

Yeah, thatguy, I already did that. Don't want any more dwarves getting the same fate :P

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1062 Mid Spring

Its masterful work so far, with excellent attention to detail on each of the floors. Those lucky dwarves :). The open shaft leading down through the fort is a noteable feature.

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