Quakefancied - 254 Early Autumn by comradestu

Point of Interest: New Well

( 254 Early Spring → onwards )

Due to fools drinking from the pond, a clean source of water has been put in place. It's by no means perfect, but some trickery may help balance out water pressure, spillage, and controlled filling. - Shouperman

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Submitted by: ThomasG - 2011-02-11 to 252 Early Autumn

Oh that's nice! I like the shape.

Submitted by: Shouperman - 2011-02-16 to 253 Early Spring

A hospital area is sorely needed. With only one injured dwarf, it's not too big of a problem. Until it gets infected.

I was a bit nervous to replicated the hall layout, but a hospital and or food storage area would fair pretty well on this level. Would make the burrow situation a little easier to manage.

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