Earthringed - 217 Early Spring by Drone

Map Description:

The fifth year of GLORIOUS EARTHRINGED. a lotta restructuring happened this year, mainly due to the extremely limited amount of space that my farmers have to work with. A siege turned up as well. I killed half of it (two squads of mace and hammer goblins) but the remaining three squads were bowgoblins, which I wasn't really willing to engage becuase it'd result in all my dwarves dying.

Point of Interest: Memorial Statue Garden

Contains 7 exceptional and masterwork iron statues, some of which are actually of fortress events, while others are just of forgotten beasts and cheese. The gem window there (it's no miasma) is made of all kinds of stuff, including steel, multiple jems, marble, raw magnetite and so forth. As such, it's worth 150,000 dwarfbux and incidently shows the founding of the fortress and the election of it's first leader. Who I forget. - Drone

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Submitted by: dragoncurse - 2011-04-09 to 213 Early Spring

Fancy fortress is fancy.
Fav'ed :D

Submitted by: Drone - 2011-04-10 - Removed

Submitted by: Drone - 2012-05-28 to 213 Early Spring

Shame this isn't in the latest version really, or I could of put minecarts. Minecarts everywhere.

Submitted by: Drone - 2013-07-16 to 216 Early Spring

Minecarts.... EVERYWHERE

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