Earthringed - 214 Early Spring by Drone

Map Description:

The second year of glorious Earthringed. I accidently crushed my legendary miner to death by bad designations but eh, whatever.

Point of Interest: Housing!!

It's getting done. Sadly all the digging designations deep underground and on the surface meant that my quarry remained undug for most of this year (I'm only using diorite and claystone to build stuff because it's the same shade of grey) so this only really got this far in the last month of the year. - Drone

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Submitted by: dragoncurse - 2011-04-09 to 213 Early Spring

Fancy fortress is fancy.
Fav'ed :D

Submitted by: Drone - 2011-04-10 - Removed

Submitted by: Drone - 2012-05-28 to 213 Early Spring

Shame this isn't in the latest version really, or I could of put minecarts. Minecarts everywhere.

Submitted by: Drone - 2013-07-16 to 216 Early Spring

Minecarts.... EVERYWHERE

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