Quakefancied - 253 Early Spring by Shouperman

Point of Interest: Span Lever

( 253 Early Spring → onwards )

Currently the lever that controls the raising of The Span bridges. The lever to the right does nothing.

Placed here because dwarves hunker in the hall during attacks (per the alert) and will more likely to pull this lever on their way in than one in the lever room. This can be re-orchestrated later. - Shouperman

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Submitted by: ThomasG - 2011-02-11 to 252 Early Autumn

Oh that's nice! I like the shape.

Submitted by: Shouperman - 2011-02-16 to 253 Early Spring

A hospital area is sorely needed. With only one injured dwarf, it's not too big of a problem. Until it gets infected.

I was a bit nervous to replicated the hall layout, but a hospital and or food storage area would fair pretty well on this level. Would make the burrow situation a little easier to manage.

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