Flamespear - 1057 Early Winter by SL

Map Description:

This is my current main fort, in 1057. You'll want to scroll all the way to the top (north) of the map, though, since the vast majority of the fort is up there. The lowest level on here actually has stuff in it - the level holding magma, underneath it, isn't shown.

P.S. We're in the middle of a goblin siege. Well, more like beginning.

Point of Interest: Magma Workshops and Furnaces

( 1057 Early Winter → onwards )

Here are our magma workshops and furnaces. This is actually the second level from the bottom of the map. The lowest level has magma in it below the workshops/furnaces (It's sealed off from the volcano by an obsidian plug). - SL

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-29 to 1057 Early Winter

Didn't fancy building a refuse stockpile with a ventilation shaft? The door controlled one you've got looks a bit fiddly.

What are you building which is 15 floors high, next to the hand of armok?

Submitted by: SL - 2008-01-01 to 1057 Early Winter

If you mean the other three 6x8 areas, those are extensions to the Hand of Armok.

If you mean the 5x1 shaft, that's for sacrificing goblins, animals, etc.

Submitted by: Krash - 2008-01-11 to 1061 Late Autumn

An animal problem? You werent kidding!

Don't they affect your framerate?

Submitted by: SL - 2008-01-11 to 1061 Late Autumn

Quite probably. I've been butchering them nonstop, but I think I'm going to have to designate something like 8 dedicated butcher/tanners and 8 butcher's workshops to actually get rid of them all.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-12 to 1061 Late Autumn

Rule 1 of killing, never tell a living soul... the hammerer need only read your logs to reveal the truth and deliver punishment!

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