Mightytraded - 1076 Mid Winter by Lightning4

Map Description:

A fort set in a still original world from the beginning of the .31 series. Third fort now, and it has lasted 15 years. Things aren't looking so good though:

1. A forgotten beast bearing some kind of dizzy-disease showed up many years ago. This disease is now present on 95% of my animals and dwarves.
2. The military is now composed of a spearmaster and an elite wrestler as of the last siege (last autumn). Two others *might* recover, but the remaining ones are probably crippled for life. This is the product of many, many years of sieges, ambushes, forgotten beasts, and megabeasts smashing against my fortress. You'll probably find most of them still rotting at my entranceway.
3. The goblins are relentless and pretty brutal in this world. My last fort fell to a siege riding all kinds of animals, and lead by a demon lord. One dwarven hero managed to strike down the demon lord and cause the retreat before the fort was abandoned though. Only THEN did the goblins actually become a bit easier to handle, although I employed some better strategy and actually had decent military dwarves this time around. Had being the key word.

Yet the fort lives on, and I still have plans to flesh things out a bit.

Point of Interest: Living Floors

This floor (and the floors below it, eventually) house my dwarves. Each dwarf gets some fairly good accommodations with a chest and a cabinet. - Lightning4

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