Crystalroses - 1008 Late Autumn by Duriel

Map Description:

This is an experimental fort that utilizes an orbital magma cannon system called GRID. The system is still under construction...

Point of Interest: Adamantine production floor

( 1008 Late Autumn → onwards )

This is the adamantine supply for Crystalroses. The forges are much higher up, but it really doesn't matter as strand extraction is a slow process. - Duriel

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Submitted by: Duriel - 2010-10-12 to 1009 Early Winter

Um, whoops. I accidentally placed a PoI in the wrong spot, and I can't delete it. Can somebody tell me how to fix that?

Submitted by: Graebeard - 2010-10-12 to 1008 Late Autumn

Click on the POI on the list on the left. When the window pops up with the text you entered you'll see a small link to edit/delete your POI. Voila.

Be sure you're logged in, or you won't see it.

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