Trailcross the Castle of Wonder - 201 Early Autumn by Aykavil

Map Description:

A caravan who was passing by luckily decided to make an improbable pause at the brook. Our highly unskilled broker managed to exchange our neanderthal works of art (shell necklaces and such) against a pick and a few logs. Yippee!!

Point of Interest: Encampent.

The last days of camping. As far away as possible from our fire-breathing friends. - Aykavil

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Submitted by: Fred Bernd - 2010-11-23 to 201 Early Spring

That map is incredible!
What texture pack are you using?

Submitted by: Jeremiah - 2011-02-12 to 276 Mid Summer


Submitted by: Aykavil - 2011-04-15 to 231 Early Spring

The tile set is Mike Mayday's.

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