Shadelabors - 1070 Early Winter by Quietust

Map Description:

Plenty has happened in the intervening years.

The magma sea was fully mapped out, costing the life of one legendary axedwarf who bled to death after slaying a Fire Man who was chasing around one of my miners. Curiously, the fire man's breath was completely harmless to the naked miner, but its death burst apparently managed to superheat the axedwarf's steel armor and flash-cook him in mere moments. All 4 adamantine spires were located and partially excavated, and several of the upper pools of the magma sea were subsequently drained (by pumping it off the edge of the map).

A forgotten beast trap was constructed near the middle cavern layer and operated to slay several excessively dangerous creatures. Proper suicide booths were also erected in the middle and upper cavern layers, and the upper one was successfully operated by an unwitting gremlin.

The enclosed underground forest was expanded from 1 Z-level to 2 and then finally all the way to 6.

A jail was dug out and a Captain of the Guard was assigned, at which point he jailed a Planter for failing to produce several Slade items. Fortunately, the mayor responsible for that mandate has not been re-elected.

200 dwarves currently call this fortress home. In 1067, the Queen of The Symmetric Gear was summed here to Shadelabors, only to die of old age once she arrived in 1068. Records indicate she was born in the year 888, so she should have been dead for well over 10 years by that point.

No further projects have been planned, and the general lag (due to the large 4x4 embark as well as the high population) has slowed the game to a near crawl. Other particularly annoying bugs - dwarves bringing water to thirsty but otherwise healthy dwarves and leaving full buckets strewn about the fortress, bone setters stalling indefinitely in front of a well when trying to fill an empty bucket, dwarves sleeping in random bedrooms (particularly nobles, who then get very unhappy thoughts) despite being assigned properly, soldiers equipping full vials of golden salve to store alcohol, magma being utterly harmless, and plenty of others - have led me to retire this fortress and wait for a new version, at which point I will begin a new fortress in a new (and smaller) area in the hopes of starting some proper megaprojects.

Point of Interest: Forgotten Beast Trap

Many dangerous forgotten beasts have entered the middle cavern layer - one had undirected "deadly dust" which caused several cats to instantly bleed to death, and the one currently trapped inside supposedly breathes fire. Two drawbridges (one on the Z-level above) form an airlock for safe setup and operation.

The original plan was for this to function as a "suicide booth" whereby the forgotten beast would destroy the support and drop a cave-in on its head, but it turns out the design posted on the wiki was not based on actual experience but was only theoretical (and has subsequently been deleted); thus, the gray lever to the northwest will collapse the support manually and kill the trapped beast quite safely, provided it's standing in the right place. - Quietust

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