Earthengear - 1056 Early Autumn by Shouperman

Map Description:

Cogs. That's all dwarves are to the Gearworks of the Universe. And so a brave set of dwarves set out to build a living tribute.

Earthengear will be the site of a megalithic, inter-linked cogs. These will be the residence, workplace, and stronghold for the dwarves. A constant reminder that in the grand scheme of things, they are but cogs in a much larger machine.

Point of Interest: The Pump Stack

( 1056 Early Autumn → onwards )

This tower is being constructed to provide water at various heights for future casting needs. Due to the winter freeze, reliable water and power can only be produced during the wamer months.

As you may notice, the placement of the pumps and resevoir has been relocated from the original placement. This shift allows for better drainage (when necessary). The dwarven architects took the opportunity to add a stylistic flair to the super-structure, a precusor for what is to follow. - Shouperman

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