Earthengear - 1056 Early Autumn by Shouperman

Map Description:

Cogs. That's all dwarves are to the Gearworks of the Universe. And so a brave set of dwarves set out to build a living tribute.

Earthengear will be the site of a megalithic, inter-linked cogs. These will be the residence, workplace, and stronghold for the dwarves. A constant reminder that in the grand scheme of things, they are but cogs in a much larger machine.

Point of Interest: Exotic Animal Pens

( 1056 Early Autumn → onwards )

While facilities exist for livestock and useful animals, more exotic breeds are brought here for two purposes. 1) To preserve and populate a rare species. 2) To kill goblins. The citizens regularly break out into viloent discussion over the ethics of sending rare breeds into combat against goblins; most are offended that the animals can shred a goblin whilest they cannot.

Although the cages appear empty, the elves were kind enough to bring a Giant Eagle and some Cougars, who are experts at stealth. - Shouperman

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