Earthengear - 1053 Early Winter by Shouperman

Point of Interest: Trading Depot

( 1053 Early Winter → onwards )

Because elves are not allowed within Earthengear (on the outside of cages), the depot needed to be constructed outside.

In its current location, a series of bridges allow for A) caravans to reach the depot even while fortress fortifications are in place, B) allow the depot to be cut-off from the outside and/or the inside of the fortress. This air-lock-like arrangement allows visitors to find safe(-ish) haven at the fortress without weakening defenses, and then allows the dwarves to utilize the depot once it has been cut-off from outside forces.

The often unmentioned benefit of this configuration is that the depot can be placed on "lock-down" if suspicious trades have occurred until such a time as the mayor sees fit to open it back up. The length of this lock-down may or may not depend on the amount of food and drink carried by the suspected thieves. - Shouperman

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