Bookwhispers - 1018 Early Autumn by Maisoul

Map Description:

Bookwhispers. Probably one of my longer-running fortresses, if not the longest. The world finished generation somewhere around 1006 or 1007, then I made a fortress... which died to a tantrum spiral after two Forgotten Ones decided to gang up and killed enough people to hit critical mass.

Then I made Bookwhispers, and more years passed.

Point of Interest: Dead Legendary Miner

( 1018 → onwards )

This guy died a year or two previously by digging out a platform from beneath him. I wonder how long it'll take the dwarves/me to recover the body?
Nice to know Dwarves are as suicidal in the current version as ever, though.

Additionally, I think there's a Forgotten One lurking around this level of the caves, but it keeps going out of sight. The worrying thing is there's a way to the fortress from here. - Maisoul

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