Shadelabors - 1061 Early Summer by Quietust

Map Description:

Lots of improvements have been made over the last 3+1/4 years.

All of the water pipelines have been paved with green glass roads in order to prevent plant growth and to permit viewing the current water levels. The southern half of the power plant has also been sealed and refined with green glass hatches and portals, and the northern half is being renovated right now.

A massive magma pump stack has been constructed, drawing magma up from the base of the magma sea to the top of the fortress. Magma workshops have been moved up to their desired locations, and a 20x20 obsidian factory has been constructed.

If I am unable to convince the game to actually bring me a dungeon master, I'll probably end up modding all of the exotic creatures to not be exotic anymore.

Point of Interest: Obsidian Factory

( 1061 Early Summer → onwards )

No fortress is complete without one. - Quietust

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