Shadelabors - 1058 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

My first fortress in version 0.31.

The layout is highly inspired by that of the mountainhome Wasprag.

Plenty of projects are underway, and even more are planned. See points of interest for more details.

Point of Interest: Noble Quarters

( 1058 Early Spring → onwards )

Top, left to right: Mayor, reserved for Tax Collector*, Manager/Broker/Bookkeeper, reserved for Dungeon Master*, Baron, reserved for Baroness Consort.

Bottom, left to right (excavated after 1061): Jail, reserved for Hammerer*, and Captain of the Guard. No rooms are reserved for my monarch - according to Legends, my civilization's Queen is currently 170 years old, so she'll die of old age once she enters the map, and her husband died in the year 1000.

In the year 1067, the Queen was summoned, and in the Spring of 1068 she arrived and predictably died of the old age of 180 years.

* should they ever actually arrive, anyways... - Quietust

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