Shadelabors - 1058 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

My first fortress in version 0.31.

The layout is highly inspired by that of the mountainhome Wasprag.

Plenty of projects are underway, and even more are planned. See points of interest for more details.

Point of Interest: Underground Tree Farm

( 1058 Early Spring → onwards )

Rather than put my dwarves at risk by sending them into the caverns (whose edges have not been sealed off), this area will be flooded to promote the growth of all manner of colorful trees.

While it's a bit on the small side (almost exactly 1/4th the size of Wasprag's massive underground forest), there's plenty of room for downward expansion.

Around the year 1065, a second Z-level was added, and in 1069 it was further expanded to cover six floors. - Quietust

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