Shadelabors - 1058 Early Spring by Quietust

Map Description:

My first fortress in version 0.31.

The layout is highly inspired by that of the mountainhome Wasprag.

Plenty of projects are underway, and even more are planned. See points of interest for more details.

Point of Interest: Entry Level

( 1058 Early Spring → onwards )

The top floor of the fortress.

To the north is the hospital, so far used only twice - the first time was with a mechanic that was beaten to within an inch of his life by ambushing goblin macemen and eventually succumbed to infection, and the second time was with a glassmaker who was shot in the arm by ambushing goblin crossbowmen but escaped, had his arm sutured, dressed, fitted with a plaster cast, and went right back to work.

To the east is the barracks, where 4 melee soldier (1 mace lord, 1 swordmaster, and 2 axe lords) and 1 ranged fighter (elite marksdwarf) practice and kill the occasional prisoners. The next scheduled execution (as of early Spring, 1058) is a Giant, for the crime of toppling an orthoclase statue.

To the south is the fortress's farms, both underground (shown) and aboveground (1 Z-level up and enclosed by walls, though not yet protected by a roof).

To the west is the garbage pit, currently littered with seemingly useless crundle scales. Between the garbage pit and the farms is an atom smasher for disposal of the dozens of useless invader skeletons.

Also visible to the far west is the fortress's water supply, used primarily to operate the flooded entrance. - Quietust

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