Gateblows - 1053 Early Summer by Chthon

Map Description:

We had another failed Werewolf attack thwarted by the militia commander again. Why does he get to have all the fun?

Anyways the elves are back. Will they stick around to complain about the wanton destruction of the evil forest above? We shall see.

Point of Interest: 17 Migrants

Olin the Doctor, Skilled Marksdwarf, Talented Wound Dresser, Talented Diagnostician
Fikod the Glassblower, Skilled Miner, Accomplished Glassmaker
Datan the Tanner, Novice Tanner, Novice Potash Maker
Datan the Smith, Adequate Metal Crafter
Zon the Peasant, Proficient Strand Extractor, Accomplished Lye Maker, Novice Soaper
Stkud the Mechanic, Novice Siege Engineer, Novice Pump Operator
Ral the Dyer, Competent Cheese Maker, Novice Surgeon, Accomplished Dyer
Zas the Smith, Adequate Fish Cleaner, Novice Metalsmith
Feb the Mechanic, Novice Mechanic
Urdim the Siege Operator, Talented Milker, Novice Siege Operator, Novice Wood Crafter
Minkot the Woodcutter, Talented Wood Cutter, Novice Leatherworker
Kbuk the Fisherdwarf, Novice Swordsdwarf, Novice Fish Dissector, Novice Fish Cleaner, Novice Fisherdwarf
Edm the Craftsdwarf, High Master Stone Crafter, Competent Suturer, Novice Potash Maker
Skzul the Craftsdwarf, Novice Mason, Competent Wood Crafter, Talented Animal Dissector
Sodel the Tailor, Adequate Wood Cutter, Talented Clothier
Thob the Grower, Talented Grower, Novice Bone Carver
Ast the Peasant, Accomplished Potash Maker - Chthon

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Submitted by: Moodcarver - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Spring

I forgot my long underwear. Abandon fortress.

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-10 to 1051 Early Autumn

I'm running a Let's Play of this on here and in the channel LetsplayDF. Please feel free to drop on by and leave requests. If I'm on I'll be happy to try to grant them. If not then hopefully I'll see them when I get back.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2010-08-17 to 1054 Early Winter

Good to know werewolves can be defeated...

Submitted by: Chthon - 2010-08-18 to 1055 Early Spring

It would be fun to know that dwarves that get bitten and survive would turn into werewolves themselves too, but I guess that'll have to come later with disease and magic.

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