Roadsaviors - 1075 Mid Summer by hyndis

Map Description:


Large, multi-level fortress underground. Experimenting with a new entrance design using a large, deep open pit with ramps around the exterior.

Point of Interest: The Grinder

Only a single dwarf is allowed to use this lever. This is his only task. The twin shafts from above drop down onto the crushing bridges that smash all refuse into oblivion. Useless corpses are tossed down here as well. The walls of the shaft into the grinder, as well as the grinder itself are coated red with blood. - hyndis

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Submitted by: Zavior - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Really like the design. The amount of stone excavated must be huge.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Yes, massive amounts of stone mined out. I dumped about half of it into atom smashers, the rest of the stone I use a custom prospecting reaction to get 1 metal bar out of many worthless stones.

Its 5 stone per 1 cheap metal bar (iron, lead, copper, etc), 10 stone per expensive metal (gold and silver), 20 per rare (aluminum and platinum) and 50 for 1 adamantine wafer.

This both eats up the stone and also lets me get metal to work with.

Submitted by: Rubicon - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Your underground seems to have so many trees, much more than I have ever seen in my games.

Is this because you have not cut any down for a long time? Incidentally, what settings did you use to generate those caverns? Very cool.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-13 to 1075 Mid Summer

Openness 100/100
Passages 0/0
Water 25/25

Its been 25 years after embark and most regions of the cavern have never seen a woodcutter or herbalist. I get so much wood from the traders that I don't need to chop down any trees. The traders are nice enough to bring huge piles of wood to me, and wood is extremely cheap. Just a few trinkets and I can buy out all of the wood from the caravan.

Also I currently have some 1500 barrels, 1500 bins, and about 200 beds made up already. Pretty much no more need for wood anymore, except to make charcoal.

Submitted by: Snook - 2010-07-19 to 1075 Mid Summer

How did you get the stone so relatively uniform?

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-20 to 1075 Mid Summer

Everything in the main fortress is smoothed. The upper areas are engraved before the stairs are dug away to make big, empty, great halls.

Submitted by: alcoholdependent - 2011-04-14 to 1075 Mid Summer

Cool above-ground entrance in its simplicity.

Also thumbs up for trying to domesticate the caverns. I want to do something similar with my fortress, but have it extend into massive, well designed walls.

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