Roadsaviors - 1075 Mid Summer by hyndis

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Large, multi-level fortress underground. Experimenting with a new entrance design using a large, deep open pit with ramps around the exterior.

Point of Interest: Storage, fuel

Vast quantities of charcoal and coke are stored here, used for the furnaces above. - hyndis

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Submitted by: Zavior - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Really like the design. The amount of stone excavated must be huge.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Yes, massive amounts of stone mined out. I dumped about half of it into atom smashers, the rest of the stone I use a custom prospecting reaction to get 1 metal bar out of many worthless stones.

Its 5 stone per 1 cheap metal bar (iron, lead, copper, etc), 10 stone per expensive metal (gold and silver), 20 per rare (aluminum and platinum) and 50 for 1 adamantine wafer.

This both eats up the stone and also lets me get metal to work with.

Submitted by: Rubicon - 2010-07-12 to 1075 Mid Summer

Your underground seems to have so many trees, much more than I have ever seen in my games.

Is this because you have not cut any down for a long time? Incidentally, what settings did you use to generate those caverns? Very cool.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-13 to 1075 Mid Summer

Openness 100/100
Passages 0/0
Water 25/25

Its been 25 years after embark and most regions of the cavern have never seen a woodcutter or herbalist. I get so much wood from the traders that I don't need to chop down any trees. The traders are nice enough to bring huge piles of wood to me, and wood is extremely cheap. Just a few trinkets and I can buy out all of the wood from the caravan.

Also I currently have some 1500 barrels, 1500 bins, and about 200 beds made up already. Pretty much no more need for wood anymore, except to make charcoal.

Submitted by: Snook - 2010-07-19 to 1075 Mid Summer

How did you get the stone so relatively uniform?

Submitted by: hyndis - 2010-07-20 to 1075 Mid Summer

Everything in the main fortress is smoothed. The upper areas are engraved before the stairs are dug away to make big, empty, great halls.

Submitted by: alcoholdependent - 2011-04-14 to 1075 Mid Summer

Cool above-ground entrance in its simplicity.

Also thumbs up for trying to domesticate the caverns. I want to do something similar with my fortress, but have it extend into massive, well designed walls.

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