Crestshot - 4x3 Vaults - 38 Early Autumn by Rolan7

Map Description:

How many dwarves can live in a 4x3 area? At least 91! Using the latest in boozecooking technology, this fully-automated fortress can *theoretically* support over 150 dwarves in that 4x3 area.

The design isn't perfect, though. While they have a legendary dining room, lots of engravings, and decent bedding, I suspect that higher population inevitably brings unhappiness. It doesn't help that they're constantly bathed in miasma from rotting excess plants and dead moody dwarves.

But despite the imperfections, I've fit nearly 100 dwarves into that area, and I'm getting 650 FPS. Not bad. Unless population magically makes dwarves sad, which it might, I should be able to make 5 similar vaults and fill them with 600 dwarves FOR 100 FPS.

I'm Rolan7 on the forum and IRC, stay tuned.

Point of Interest: Vault A1 Topsoil

( 38 → onwards )

On the topsoil of the vault is 9 tiles of evergreen "wild" strawberries, and 1 tile of prickle berries. The prickle berries were originally to provide booze variety, until I realized I could brew and then cook everything. - Rolan7

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Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2010-06-03 to 38 Early Autumn

How dwarfy!

What a fantastic experiment. How do you keep the dwarves from milling about on top of the wall? Did you remove the up stair from under the ground level stockpile?

Submitted by: Rolan7 - 2010-06-03 to 38 Early Autumn

That's right, it was a constructed up stair and I had them remove it. They're now completely sealed in, except from theoretical air assault. I think they're safe from those too, though - it's a "good" biome, peaceful I think. The only flying creatures I saw were swarms of pixies.

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