Deepspark-deepspark - 1054 Mid Spring by Nahkh_

Map Description:

After three years in this hellhole, we're still kicking. And with two separate groups, no less!

Point of Interest: The Refugees

One day, a migrant wave came with a miner. Rather than just have them be killed by skeletal elephants, I figured I'd play around with em. And this is the result.

Right now they're living off the scraps that destroyed caravans leave behind, with no permanent food source. So far fishing has been unsuccessful, the only underground plants we've found are dimple cups (inedible for the uninitiated, used to make dye). I hope we'll be able to breed livestock. Actually, we totally should go and get some of those caged animals the elves left behind. - Nahkh_

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Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-05-09 to 1051 Late Autumn

The wisdom taught to us by Boatmurdered still rings true, beware the elephants. They're out for blood.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2010-05-09 to 1051 Late Autumn

The perches for the migrants are cool.

Completely unsafe, and completely inefficient from a DF-game point of view, but extremely cool :-)

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-05-10 to 1054 Mid Spring

Got to agree, those perches are awesome. I love them.

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