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As the third year of the fort begins, there haven't been too many major expansion in fort area. About the only difference to speak of in that respect is the workshop area, which was badly needed to clear out the entrance tunnels.
I built a well and tunneled up to a murky pool to feed it, but I'm currently trying to arrange for a steadier water source. Once that's done, my number one priority is going to be finding a sensible way to irrigate my planned farming area, so that my dwarves can finally stop having to walk hundreds of steps back and forth between the farms and the stockpiles.

Point of Interest: Aqueduct

( 1053 Early Spring → onwards )

Having tapped a murky pool only to find the rainfall in this area was woefully insufficient to properly supply my well, I decided it would be a shame to waste all the effort involved in digging the drain passage (which was significant I can assure you, thanks to glitchy pathfinding causing my dwarves to think they were stuck when they weren't). So I tunneled to the cliff's edge, built an aqueduct, and continued the passage right to the edge of the river, which will be breached very soon. I also plan to breach all the ponds the tunnel passes, because every little bit helps, right?
Fun fact: the eastern half of the aqueduct is red because it's coated with the blood of a dwarf who died 200 tiles away or so. - FunkyWaltDogg

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2010-05-03 to 1053 Early Spring

The aqueduct is cool, not seen one of those in a while :)

Submitted by: FunkyWaltDogg - 2010-05-03 to 1053 Early Spring

Thanks! Since these shots were taken, I've constructed a "dwarfduct" in close to the same position on the fortress levels so that I can go mining on the west side, and hopefully find a decent supply of an ore of something other than silver.

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