Mortalwheels - 106 Late Autumn by Servu

Map Description:

The Mortalwheels excavation site has just begun operation. I am currently concentrating of finishing the outer wall as well as constructing some defenses to let our miners work in peace, so the mine is still just a little hole in the ground.
Real progress is expected to begin when I get my new computer next week.

Point of Interest: Floor 2 - Military and justice

( 106 Late Autumn → onwards )

The military floor has my (surprise, surprise) barracks with an artifact chest to entertain the recruits. Along with the still unfurnished captain of the guard's accomodations, the jail and the arsenal dwarf's office. The firing range in the northeast is closed because my marksdwarves wont use any bolts (Though they have gained several marksdwarf levels with lessons only.) These facilities will probably be relocated somewhere near the access bridge as soon as I get to actually building it. - Servu

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