Mortalwheels - 106 Late Autumn by Servu

Map Description:

The Mortalwheels excavation site has just begun operation. I am currently concentrating of finishing the outer wall as well as constructing some defenses to let our miners work in peace, so the mine is still just a little hole in the ground.
Real progress is expected to begin when I get my new computer next week.

Point of Interest: Floor 1 - Storage, wood and food industries

( 106 Late Autumn → onwards )

The cramped storage layer around my well is mostly dedicated to stockpiles and the booze and barrel industries. Along with assorted junk. I had to carve a second dining room here since all the dwarves were constantly complaining about the lack of tables and the grand hall is still years away from completion (though I suspect it's more of a pathfinding issue since my initial dining hall sees very little use.) - Servu

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