Moonsyrups - 24 Late Autumn by Noble Digger

Map Description:

A handful of long, slow, fps-dragging years later, Moonsyrups reaches a new point of maturity.

Giant Cave Spiders are now housed in the spider lair temple, the entire magmaworks is completed and -damn near- ready to turn on (i'm replacing some of the floodgates and mechanisms with iron ones in places that don't really need them, but better safe than sorry).

Check out the POIs for stuff new in this release. Note that the entire fortress has been gutted of Basalt and Alunite doors and these are being trash-compacted in favor of Obsidian and Iron masterworks by Art and Chataya, the legendary Mason and Blacksmith.

Point of Interest: 24.3. HFS right the fuck here. I had to redesign this room a bit to avoid it. Fortunately when I had broken through it I had literally JUST saved, so save scumming wasn't a matter of dearth to me.

If my GCS breed virulently enough I may let them loose on the HFS and see what happens, it should be easy to breach it with a channel from above and stand back to watch. - Noble Digger

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Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2010-01-14 to 20 Early Autumn

Holy huge embark Batman!

What FPS do you get? I'm seriously impressed by you CPU if you get good FPS on this map.

Really cool map, though, I really like the winding tunnel from the cliff face to the glacierside castle.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2010-01-14 to 20 Early Autumn

You know, this fortress was intended to be my "final DF40 fortress blowout" before Toady finishes the next release... I chose this large embark thinking I'd dick around a bit but it ended up getting good FPS. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of ram and it runs smoothly at 35+, slowing into the low 20s when dumping is going on. I haven't started moving liquids at all, which is going to CHOKE it.

The fort is playable despite its size because most of that size isn't being used for anything. :D

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2010-03-09 to 30 Mid Spring

Absolutely fabulous

Submitted by: Demonic Spoon - 2010-03-09 to 30 Mid Spring

Awesome, awe-inspiring fortress.

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