Scardagger - 1061 Mid Spring by RPB

Map Description:

Scardagger continues to expand. The baron just showed up and started the economy, so we'll see how things go. My glass apartments are mostly renting in the 340-360 range, which is pricier than I'm used to, but I think most of my dwarves should be able to afford it.

Strange moods are starting to take their toll on my fortress due to lack of shells. I need turtles badly.

On the plus side, my army is really starting to shape up. I don't have any elites yet other than my legendary founding hunter, but my trainee wrestler-hammerdwarfs took out the first goblin raid with only one casualty.

Point of Interest: Noble quarters

Bit behind on my construction schedule, considering the baron just showed up with his whole entourage. Oh well. - RPB

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