Steppecastles - 1056 Mid Summer by Lightning4

Map Description:

Another update from Metropolis Steppecastles. Little to report, other than some horrible, horrible luck with moods always wanting glass, and the goblin siege camped out a good distance from my fortress.

Still some major projects left to do:
Smoothing of the fortress.
Removal of Stones. This will take a very, very long time.
25-tile room for every dwarf, specially tailored 25-tile rooms for the legendaries/artifact makers.

Edit: Ah damn, forgot to remove the -region1 from the end :/

Point of Interest: The Balcony

Still under construction. Floor and ceiling completed, planning on surrounding the edge with bars. Probably gold. Windows are sadly out of the question, as this map has no sand.

Removing that constructed ramp is going to be annoying. I'm going to need a "safety net" floor below it to catch the idiot dwarf that's going to stand on it while removing it. :| - Lightning4

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Submitted by: thatguyyaknow - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

Looking good so far, if you want to avoid dwarves drowning set all the pools as restricted traffic areas, then they'll go around.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

That's a cool layout, I like the diamon rooms, its a pitty you didn't put an arched ceiling on the floor above as well, but maybe thats a waste of space. I like the spacing between the different areas, the lightshaft idea is good as well.

Submitted by: Lightning4 - 2007-11-11 to 1053 Early Autumn

Yeah, thatguy, I already did that. Don't want any more dwarves getting the same fate :P

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-03 to 1062 Mid Spring

Its masterful work so far, with excellent attention to detail on each of the floors. Those lucky dwarves :). The open shaft leading down through the fort is a noteable feature.

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