Lanternwebs - 118 Late Winter by Rysith

Map Description:

Lanternwebs as it stands at the conclusion of the story: 202 dwarves, 33M created wealth, and more gold and steel than I knew what to do with.

Point of Interest: The Battlefield (Spoilers)

Again in preparation for a potential battle with Spirits of Fire, this area was prepared to allow melee dwarves (which the vast majority of the Grand Army is) to engage fireball-throwers in relative safety, by always letting them close to melee range safely, always giving them a safe dodge direction, and allowing rapid flooding by the Dwarven Fire Extinguisher to put out any flaming dwarves afterward.

It was never used, since the demons were frog demons and the Grand Army went through them like a masterwork axe through warm butter: There was a lot of mess to clean up, and the butter was clearly on the losing side. - Rysith

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Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-03-04 to 113 Late Summer


Fluid Logic.

'Hand of Armok' style death trap entrance.

Magma Tombs with industry right above, and a magnetite vein next door (Almost like you planned it that way!)

Dual waterfalls in the dining halls.

One question: How do you do the artifact vault? Disallow artifacts in all your other stockpiles?

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-03-04 to 113 Late Summer


Submitted by: Rysith - 2009-03-04 to 113 Late Summer

Yeah, artifacts aren't allowed in any of my other stockpiles.

The industry was planned for there, but the tombs were added after I started excavating the magma pipes and discovered the magnetite (and thus had to mine it all out before I could get the forges working).

Thus far, I've found three veins of lignite and five clusters of magnetite, without any exploratory mining at all. I don't think we'll be running out of steel any time soon.

Submitted by: KenboCalrissian - 2009-10-17 to 113 Late Summer

I like the overall fort design! It's neat and tidy, looks like you tried to stay symmetrical as much as was practical, and I'm envious of the fluid logic system because it's something I haven't yet attempted. Very cool!

Submitted by: McDolomite - 2010-01-09 to 118 Late Winter

The Webs... genius!

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